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Satisfy our customers needs,  Evolving and providing information, knowledge and imagination, trabajando estratégicamente para que pueda crecer y prosperar con nuestras aportaciones. We stay always expectant to endogenous and exogenous changes to apply new methologies and technologies relationated with our services, Also we always think the expectatives of our partner adapting us to changes.



PERSUASION EVENT SOLUTIONS event management company is an ATTITUDE. We use COMMON SENSE, rational meanings and symbols, With creativity, we establish strategies and comprehensive responses in the entire process, Original text (Spanish - Español)Translate to, to discover, in each particular case, appropriate means, with a spiral method that allows for proper planning and development, incorporating new technologies to measure the ROI. Always working responsibly, promptly inform our customers.


We are a group of motivated, with extensive experience and competence in their area of ​​action, we share the vision and mission of providing a comprehensive service to reach the success of our customers, offering a fast and professional response. We complement with a flexible structure of professionals included by the project according to the needs.

These 20 years PERSUASION EVENT SOLUTIONS takes customer service in the area of event planning, design and implementation of promotions and staff recruitment, have determined our professionalism, determination and company philosophy.

We like always tell the truth, meet deadlines, keep our client informed, have a very personalized service, and even "we wear the same shirt of your team", We accept and we fulfill our responsibilities.